ADIDAS 60 ipads 60 days contest.


Hello IPAD2.
a big thanks to ADIDAS.

if u read my blog before, u must realize there are a advertise which sponsored by ADIDAS.
click here for more information.

since i found that i need a TABLET to stay online,
or so do showing my customer some more example,

i joined the contest !
and it is sooo unexpected, i WON it ^.^ is free ..

mama say : it is ur 2011 birthday surprise ^^  (since tomorrow is my lunar calender's birthday )

go and redeemed the prize today.
OUTFIT of the day.
just love the bow denim pants...lolx.

How To Win?
1) Purchases any ADIDAS body care products at least RM20 in a single receipt .

2) sms  ur Name ,  I/C no,  Retail Outlet Name, Receipt no, last 5 digits of product , THEN  sent to 33310

3)  u are standing a chance to win an ipad2!
CLICK here to check did you won IPAD2!

*** note ***

8 units Ipad2  to go !

go get your ADIDAS body care product now and stand a chance to get ur IPAD2 too!

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  1. 哇 好好哦~
    好羡慕 o(>﹏<)o
    想问下 你是买哪个产品..? ^-^

  2. 真的很意外呢!~ 开心不已。

    我买的是adidas 的止汗剂。男生的味道,是买给哥哥的~
    只要是body care的产品都可以。

    watson/guardian / jusco....etc都可以找到