outgoing with BRO n BRO'S GF

go to SOGO & PERTAMA today^^

erm this is my first time come here.
(no make up,lens today...loook weird /.\)

1st, gonna get a new casing for bro new HP---nokia x3-02

ishh...i cant capture it as well..
but look alike with the shoes huh?

n also get a casing for my customer---nokia c5-03
**all get at PERTAMA .
opps i dun like there...full with malay n lala boy .. n also the SMOKE!

then we are hungry!!
teehee.. spot SECRET RECIPE at SOGO...

strawberry marshmallow cheese cake!!

wosh!i like this~~~~~♥
when the marshmallow met the strawberry n mix with cheese~~

look at the marshmallow!~~wootsss!!

chicken gounish --original

opps ..it look yucks inside,but the taste ♥♥♥

u know what i gonna say right?


i think i will ADDICT with secret recipe again

brother order chicken bolognese spaghetti n his girlfriend order marble cheese cake..
they eat it immediately when the food served

i cant get the pic.

get a wallet for daddy^^

from BHPC

erm..i dont mind the brand is big or small actually....
i just wanna present daddy a nice wallet with the nice quality.
quality is more important than BRAND.

can put many cards.
hope daddy will like it!

shh...wanna give dad a surprise, dont tell him^^




越是小细节的东西,送起来总是更觉得窝心 (=^0^=)

readers:-----just get a present to babe parents to show your LOVE. let them know, U LOVE THEM too!

partner of the day.
bro n bro's GF!

done this for myself ^^

ishh..i hate those ppl who do the same industry with me, will stole my pic!~
please please please dont do this stupid action!

oppss. i have tons of homeworks haven done!!
urghh...gonna bath n do my homework!


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