2011 open school ceremony

opps..just back from school..
stupid brother fetch me at 3.00pm!(classes are over on 1.55pm)
waste my time!!wtf...
the weather is super hot n i wait bro at the corridor outside of school. ! =(


okie, back to topic.
open school ceremony today!

erm...should i say it is LAME?

what i heard today is---成功是一种习惯。

balloons~~ lye lye keep ask to me,can i get the purple colour balloon?

uhm..if u can fly over there,u just take it.(our class located at 4th floor)

amoeba lake...==
actually idk what it call in english..
in mandarin---变形湖。

look so nice huh?

then we got a activity---挥春。

teehee...here is what i done!

SUGUS in the drawer...
long time dint eat this...

wanna celebrate sista-jazz b'day TONIGHT!
daddy say , we go eat CRAB!~woots! my fav!

later gonna buy some CHEESE tart from De Pastry Chef @Manjalara,kepong as dessert.
sponsor by me!~teehee~

stay tuned♥

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