ishh....i wanna go out plz!~~
so so so so so so so so lame in house...
unfortunately sista dint get a off day...she cant fetch me out!~

SISTA: i miss my U HU ! HU! cheezy buns,Snowflake!~~N also CHATIME~~
opps...how can i be thinner with these foods huh?

what i done for DRAMA society^^
erm..i know it look messy ~~

teehee...get shock?

bangs is going long...thinking about cut it off^^

teehee~~wanna get this in this 2011!

babe, wait for me...♥

introduce you guys/gals-----blogger kiminpink

erm..my new fav blogger~~
like the ways she dress up~♥

gonna continue my homework n also my web order^^
****readers,please click on my advertise if got****

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