DiGi K-Pop Party!

woshh!~~finally my dream becomes truth!

because of sister,we get the a pair of PLATINUM TICKET worth RM350 for FREE
and also 20mb internet done right voucher.


after back from school around 4.30pm,
then faster bath then make-up then GO!

wow....exciting exciting!!

we are late!~~we arrived there almost 8.15pm~
but the show haven start.

around 8.20,the show started!~crowded..

1ST, G.NA!!
haiz..i dont have a HD camera...T.T
this is why i wanna buy LX5

opps..she look so sexy+cute!~
and her dance look so sexy~~she is so beautiful!~

the singing post is BEST!

she look so sexyyy when dancing!

G.NA...u are so adorable!

further more?just take a look in the video bottom.


ishh...blur blur...

erm..they speak in korean, idk what they saying..
gonna get some SELF-LEARNING KOREAN books from bookstore later

woot!~sexy ya~~

their ---HOT ISSUE make the atmosphere so so HIGH!
I jump unstop!teehee~~~just wanna enjoy the k-pop song!

song list: i my me mine, huh, hot issue...i forget==

and the finally,BEAST!

ROAR!!~ we screammm ~~ UNSTOP!~~

wow wow wow!!~jump jump jump!

he is so so so handsome!

he is the most CUTE!~
big FAN there! =) 或许他在乘凉

woots!~~the muscle (=^0^=)

around 9.54, the show OVERED..
so fast huh?

can we encore encore n encore?

outfit of the day..
singlet is always BEST for crowded place^^
(ishhh...wanna be slim!)
bag get at C+C Creative Walk Bazaar.hand-made!

MV is on playing after show!

while waiting someone fetch us,

G.NA teehee...i look so noob..

say BYE-BYE to stadium negara.

i m imagine-ING/think-ING ..
if SNSD come M'SIA , what i will do huh??
sure is ...

xoxo =P

K-POP LIVE video~~

who is my partner on the day?

tomorrow our school got a activity call--新春庙会。
haiz...need to stand for hoursss at hall again...

waste my time and it is so tired to STAND for HOURSSS...


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