16052014 I'm done with the first year syllabus! =)

Hi !!
i can't hide the excitement in me awww!~~
Finally done with the first year syllabus and done with the first year external exam yay!!
 5/5 towards the expectation ...which is not a good thing thou.

been thinking what to do after examination 
- get a job -
- paying more effort in video editting - 
- finish my last bkk trip post -
- prepare for the next bkk trip - 
- outting with babes -

applied for a job today and they replied immediately ! Overwhelming.
so this is the feeling that hanging in between . work or not =(

tomorrow is going to be a busy day too ! gotta dye my hair black and arrange some appointment ....uhm...
busy is more preferable isn't it ?

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