20042014 new spot to study!

12days to final exam T.T 
I cant concentrate to study at home while my phone and ipad is just that attractive,keep luring me to browsing asos taobao and carousell! 
So, the best way to force myself study is --group study outside--

1)where to study?
2) isit an affordable place?  (we students have to always care about price range T.T)
3) is the environment suitable? 
4) is there any staff give a "chase you out" feel? 

I finally found one today!!
静思书轩 @tmn OUG ! 
Left hand side is open area for reading while right hand side are books and some merchandise for sell and read at there :)

I was so surprised first stepped in !
 A very relaxing area at the corner at cafe! 
The see through roof make it looks i credibly spacious and that makes more sunlight goes in the interior which is definitely great for reading!
Also a small 'garden' ?? Not sure how to describe but this is just like what japanese ppl would do in their front yard/backyard...*tries to imagine *

U might think that --it must be 'expensive' to spend a day in here!

Definitely NO !
Beverage here are only rm5 !
**bring your own reuseable tumblr/mug/cup and get rm2 rebate which means it is only rm3 for a drink !!**

It is just like 1/5 of starbuck's price.
(Starbuck is now no longer a place to study la seriously...super crowded and full with the sound of blender)
All rm5 ! 

They serve my favourite kind of beverage --flowers tea--!! 

Rose tea is one of my fav tea too :)) love the decent scent of rose tea ! 
From how it smells like to how it taste like ❤

And also the caramel coffee.
They serve nice coffee too.
Probably they brewed the coffe themselves that's why it takes a longer time to serve but it is really nice!

during the time i was reading  
What makes me even more surprise is...the coffes was served with a cup of cold water with lemon scent!
*gosh you know how bad the mouth smell like 20minutes after a sip of coffee!*
Feeling thirsty yet uhm...u know?...loll*i cant think of the word!* 

A bonus pic i was reading loll
Just to show how calming the environment is la hahahah! 

Address :
No. 38, Jalan Awan Hijau, Taman OUG, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
營業時間: 11:00am - 7:00pm
60-3-7983 2190                       傳真:60-3-7983 2190

If you're looking for a place to study too,go visit it! Thumbss upppp

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