28052014 Another Experience in Life

helllo peepo !! =)
has been quite busy recently as i am now start working ardy ! 
it is a paper work job which is quite strange to me since most of my previous jobs are more related to Sales.Things is changing differently now and there are more to deal with.
example : key in data carefully, mismatch contracts, tracing bank transaction...etc

organizing and failing are never be my type because i am quite 'qincai'(what-so-ever) =.=
classify everything is hard to me =(
 i forgot which classes they are 1 minutes after i have a sip of my drink ...urghh 

However, it is still a great working experience which finally allow me to gain some knowledge relating to accounting/finance field!! 

Me Wan Super Memory !!

lastly, i wanna say that, aircond in office is so cold. I am freezing in the office even though i have already wore my cardigan =.=
*should i bring some knit jacket/ biker jacket / packet warmer? *

Anyway, beside this , i learn to edit videos too! how i wish i have a mac book now =(
 Imovie is so easy to use! too bad my ipad version is not that good ! 
However, there are still a lot of great amazing out there! I'll try them out slowly and figure out which is best for me kay? HEHE

wanna change my dslr so badly :'( 
my 550d not support STM and it is superb hard for me to shot ....summore no flip screen..
looking for a place i can trade in my 550d and i would like to buy 600d or higher grade instead 
( but it must lie in my budget la ! )
Please suggest me a place to trade in ?


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  1. hi do you still work at topshop?

    1. hi, i am not working at topshop anymore =)
      full time student and enjoying sem break now hahaha