31082013 Food hunting trip to Melacca

went Melacca with buddy gang last National day.
that was a great escape we planned for long time !
it's time to hunt for food kkekeke!!

to save our energy from stucking in the jam, we decide to take public transport =)
 LRT > Bus
(titiwangsa - bandar tasik selatan) > (bandar tasik selatan - melacca central)

this is our first time being in BTS(terminal bersepadu selatan)
we were surprised by it's pretty nice and clean interior which look like mini KLIA !

superb happy that the bus was waiting there ardy !
(as a typical Malaysian , i must tell that this is Superb RARE !!)

look, spacious yet conditioned waiting section !
(this is much more better than KL central/Plaza Rakyat terminal station!!)

just flash our bus ticket then can get into the bus and look forward our food hunting session ardy!!
*jumping *

pretty lights. (sorry for blurred out...)

were trapped in jam...

here is our bored out sista lirong jiejie & huimin !

took a shuttle bus from melacca central to town .
and this is where tragedy happened ...

this bus.....were fulled with ...Bangladesh.=.=
and this is where my handphone got stolen ...


once we arrive the destination,
firstly jump down from the BUS !!
and head to the famous Capitol satay celup  ^_^|||
(*queue up earlier if you don't want to have second hand sauces lollollol !!)


although this is a food trip post...but this is cheat one because...
not much pic of food will be here >.<'

after the famous stay celup....we just walk along the jonker street ..

not really sure what is this called..
but very artistic lehh!

this just take less than 3minutes !!
super fast right!!

our hands was totally freeze after the art work done ...
we were so worried we will spoil it hahaha!

MUST eat cendol at jonker88 !!
superbbbbbbb tasty cendol!

sorry that...lost the mood to take nice picture after my phone took by pickpocket grr

the cendol is really really really delicious with the fantastic gula melacca OMGAWD!

and took picture at Geographer Cafe !

superb love the pictures here haahah!

we had our dinner at <古城鸡饭粒>!
superb vintage interior design which made us feel like we were really having dinner in the palace

the chair of king haha!
 haha the king wanna be

the pretty 后宫佳丽! 哈哈

failed ootd shot lol
top- uniqlo X karen walker
shorts - brands outlet
shoes : converse X comme des garcon

super tired after a whole day food hunting !

group pic as a wrap keke..!!

that's all for melacca one day trip yay~

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  1. Should be more aware of your belongings next time!!! =]