02112013 #GSChorrorfest Halloween =D

it is already November oh my gawd...
i still feel like i am just fresh graduate from high school, everything just like happened a day ago.

*and i am now working hard on my coming up mock test which is just around the corner*
why is exam never come to an end !!

Anyhow, manage to get crazy and "sendiri syok" for the last time with sister before head into the war....! actually this is also my first time to dress up for halloween !

sis was the "match seller" "the little girl who sells match" perhaps?
don't your think her outfit looks like 'DutchLady' / 'Oktoberfest girl' ?

and i was a blood sucking ChunLi lol
(character of 'king of fighter' fyi)

don't really dare to do heavy make up because i am having breakouts on face recently T.T
so i just simply put some red lipstick as the fake blood, high cheek bone blush to create harujuku deathly vampire look

headed to One Utama for the #GSChorrorfest by nuffnang, churpchurp and also GSC!
thanks for the invite Anne ~

this is a Horror movie Marathon with nuffies !!
i am quite a person who love to challenge my limitation for horror movie haha!
but i swear, three are too much !
Sis and i were scared off and left after the second movie (second sight ) played halfway.
#自己拿来衰  grr

not to forgot, refreshment supplied is Awesome!!
i was amzed by their creativity and also taste :P

crazy skull meatloaf.

spooky eyeballs.

joker laugh face salad .
(i found this cute.lol)

cheezy cracker.

halloween cupcakes
some of the pics were in my camera but the memory card broke,unable to take it out anymore i am so sad...aiks
hence, basically pics here are all took by iphone5 main camera.

*there are no blood to suck so i can only finish up all those halloween muffin !*

As what requested in the invitation, sis and i did put some effort on it but we were so shock when just arrived there...
(actually not much were really dressed up...sob sob)
HOWEVER, there are still some who frighten me off!

twin sister in Rigor Mortis!
they were walked towards me without a word a sound of breathing!
their spooky face were just right in front of me when i turn around!!
(we were almost same height)

the pretty ghost from CARRIE.
she is even prettier than the character in *i think* haha
sorry i cant bother to give a smiley face and peace instead of spooky scary face

and also the almost no eyes vampire from Rigor Mortis.
*thinner version* haha
his face was almost gone ...there was so many staples on the face !

 the ghosts who wanna check out the newly opened H&M in One Utama
(and we were so lucky, Lacoste renovate sales on that day too!! wow wow!)

when vanity strikes...

can u spot the bloody eyes lol ...hahah

#ootd ...
the blood sucking ChunLi who loves Harajuku Japanese Crepe lol

lastly, a BnW pic as a wrap...
did this frighten you ??

The End

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    1. hahaha!! because that is the scariest one lollollol