23112013 hair dairy

Annyeong ^^
it is end of November ardy ...so fast..
pftt mid term is around the corner !!omg

back to the topic, even mid term i still have to redye my hair seriously since it has been ardy 5months or 6 months from the previous color and  faded until like this ...

just as what you can see...it was in a so freaking dirty color after faded T.T

decided to knock the saloon and ask helps from the magic hand

i was struggling between back to black or keep it in brown color ...
so i asked for Darker shade with touch of purple

this is the outcome!
*one shot right after my hair done then leave because mum and i were in rush*
it looks so silky smooth which i have not been feel in that way for quite a long time =.=

I LOVE the color !!
it looks like Mangoesteen color under the natural sunlight hahaha!
i love love love love the silky smooth hair so much !!

a closer color to actual under sunlight :
(photos taken by casio ex-je10 soft out setting)

 super love the natural gradient at the bottom ! 
(magician put some black color in to cover up my previous deathly gold hair end)
 this is just to show the dark violet hair shade haha!!
madly in love with darker shade of color recently to match the A/W season outfit too!
(influenced by Emoda haha! )

it has been quite a long time i didn't selfie without color lens and make up .
so here is one . #whenvainstrike

and i found it even look more feminine with the flower crown on!
i was feeling girly on that particular day hahaha!!

best thing ever, this cost me less than rm80 !
my A/W hair color ? --- mangoesteen ---

HAHA. the end.

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  1. girly on that particular day??? that means you're not that girly usually? hehe!!! =]

    1. hahaha~~YES ! absolutely not a girly person in real life XD

  2. Love your hair colour :)

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    1. thank you =) your blog is super active too XD