28122013 girls outing@Zender's Publika

quickly update before i lost that spirit to blog again lol !!

went Zender's@publika today to meet up my chitty girls today haha! we meet each other almost only ONCE in a year like 牛郎织女 it is so hard to make all of us free on the same date !!
(another reason is, we bought the groupon voucher XD)

p/s: don't you think nowadays foods are incredible not worth with it unless with groupon voucher? there are tons and loads of restaurant opening at every corner but somehow some are overvalue or some are just isolated, we can't even realize it until with some promoting such as Groupon lol

back to the topic, food is here .
Bolognaise pasta with minced beef or chicken 
comment : so . so  ..
it's bad to give such comment but it is really just so so ...
 soup of the day 
it was pumpkin soup . doesn't surprise us. Pumpkin soup .

Grilled chicken sandwichwould say this is above the level of the other courses . not so fancy but not that so so .
the toasted bread goes well with pumpkin soup haha

Zender's fish and chips we ordered two of this.
guess what....this is actually rm28 worth in their menu ⊙0⊙personally think that this is SO OVERPRICE !
(luckily we use the groupon voucher lol)

we also had our dessert after that but that was not a fantastic dessert either so just skip it .
 iced lemon tea there is a contrast between how it looks and how it taste (╯-╰)apparently foods was quite disappointing ...i did actually visit them before this visit .
their food has been falling behind..their food was quite good !
heard that their chef changed probably this is one of the reason .

what we actually love is their environment.
relaxing and definitely a place to chill out in night with the night view =)

 and their washroom is so pretty . must say this is one of the prettiest toilet ever lol
with three tv inside a toilet ...

small Xmas tree in the toilet !
*shouldn't spend so much time in washroom but their washroom is just worth for a visit lol*
---forgot to take the superb nice interior of the restaurant !! err.....---
our purpose is chit chat not food hunting actually haha

food post end here.
photos posting time coming up....
(too much to pick from so just throw everything here lolll it is hard to fulfill everyone's intention to look great in every pic ! )
emily looks like goddess while jane look frustrated and sunny just posing
LOL !!

since there is a glass balcony thinggy there so i thought of bobo's pic which look like this 
at last it looks like this

okay...this is my fault as the person behind the camera didn't really have that concept what angle to take lol

then load of pic again hahah! 

 everyone started hide behind lollll....

then still photos ...lol
nah the white paper very annoying loh!!
who ask the ppl keep giving me this and that is about art stuff!
although lack of time but i am still pretty interest to check out what is that event about since i also art lover haha!

plz allow me to post all although some of you might be just give a MEH face loll

meh face like mine loll

idk why my espression is so meh....T^T
not on purpose one lehh

lastly, some EPIC moment of jump shot !


 LAST PIC for real
 the end.
really gotta sleep !
lots of pic omg !!

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