08082013 Korean Buddy - part 3 (Melacca)

This post should had been posted since long time ago haha !
forgive me *blinking eyes *

SO, So, so....
we headed to Melacca before all of the cuties korean buddy going back to their home country

teehee forever sleep whenever catch some free time !
*this is universal culture hehe! *

while us selfie in bus loll
(photoboomed by arnold !)

so syok !! hahaha

yayay almost arrive destination haha

with cutie jolynn !

and her super matchy buddy Eun Ne

we are new girls group ! haha

after 2 hours ...

finally we are here!!

the red house =)

and this is....uhm...i dont know ! 
*run away*

super love the scene here!
and having cold breeze here on the top of tower !
photoboomed by Danbi !

 ...PEACE ...
can you see how HOT was that day ?!

selfie !
super in love with my pinkue (casio ex-je10)
even no make up the outcome still super fair. thanks to camera!! haahaha

the heritage building!

two solo stars hehehe!!

group picture !
so cool! hahaha !

headed to Jonker street for Foods after that but i didnt take much picture on that day !
sorry !!

 i miss them !!

--The End--
part 4 upcoming lol haha!!

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  1. Super nice!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss ya~~!!!

  2. hehe ! so fast you read this haha!
    i am doing water park day kekeke!!