10082013 Korean Buddy - part 4 (Sunway Lagoon)

annyeong !
yes super duper hyper quick post update again hehe!

part 4 with my lovely korean buddy gang visit to the Sunway Lagoon Waterpark & Amusementpark!!
*exciting exciting!*

Sunway Lagoon wassuper crowded on that day ! 
we spent almost 2hours to queue up and get into the park T.T

quick shot with mascot girlss!

looks like we bumped into hollywood superheroes story world LOL! 

went into the haunted house first to kick off our Waterpark one day trip!!

heejeong said " i won't scare of these ghost ! "
*flip hair*
and when we just right in front of the entrance, the zombie popped out in all of a sudden
and yea.....we all shouted like witches and then "omma, i wan go home!"

i would like to say the haunted house was crazily LONGGGG !!
that was a long journey ! super long !
all of us sweat alot and never let our partners hands get off from us.
justin, danbi, sojin and joseph who just get off from the holy scary haunted house haha!
sojin was like
 " owh, no scary, i dont scare. "
signature flipping hair ! *very chio right ! *



when we were planning to leave , suddenly a walking Zombie came toward us!!
surprisingly we were just ask for a picture calmly with the zombie hahah!!

epic scene :

Zombie  " grrr "
Girls  " don't grrr, let's PEACE ! "


head to locker to put our stuff after a round of shock , and then get change .
oppsie someone revealed some skin *cover eyes * haha
long lengs shot before get crazy in water park!
chio danbi and her angel toy, Minions hahaha!
sojin ahh!! ~~ kkkk!
and always photo-ready hee jeong !

put our belongings and then get wet in water parkk!!
*that's why i dont have any picture from now on *

played almost all water games and also the corsair(pirate ship)
i swear that was the scariest corsair ever. i can my stomach was flipped over !
super....dizzy !

not to forget, the Biggest Vuvuzela in the world !
*we are not in this pic*

this was a very fun game!!
i miss this very much
*imagining water games in this hot humid weather...awwww!!*
last picture before leaving !
*looks like family or not hahaha!! *

love you all ! XOXO!

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