04102012 Bentoya and H&M setia city mall

went Setia city Mall yesterday because it was H&M setia city mall grand open day!
(i was so happy it open on wednesday,it is a weekday so maybe few ppl queued up there and i probably will get the rm50 voucher. but i am totally wrong.)

i was so happy there was just few ppl queued outside 
(i arrived on 9am+, official opening time is 11am)

but when i was about to find the place to start queuing,the guard told me
'go straight here and turn right then u can find the starting point'

look .

0.0 ''

i surrendered . fed up.

fyi, there are only 1 floor at h&m setia city mall.
*i prefer lot10 one. nearer and bigger and spacious.decoration also nicer.*

end up, i and my sis walk around haunt for something fill our empty stomach.

BENTOYA @setia city mall

it looks very special so we decide to pay a visit. ~

\\ sake collection //

\\ very japanese style decoration //
daydreaming i am having brunch at Harujuku street stall.
*smacked head*


\\ sis's big set bendo 大便当 //
** the chinese name looks so creepy .lol **
overall their fried rice is  nice !so do their tempura! super fresh , tasty and crunchy !

\\ my 鲁肉饭 //
somehow i dont like their meat with the scent of 五香粉。

\\ dumpling ! //
their dumpling look so nice ! ~~ beautifully wrapped up .
but the taste.........not recommend.
still much to be desired.

after fulfilled our stomach, shopping will be !
(setia city mall got so many shops i like ! teehee! )

visited padini concept store, saw a very nice designed top.

seriously, i do really think that PADINI improved a lot !
i still remember that i was so bored with local design. but somehow padini did brighten my eyesight.
thumbs up!
eyes on you padini :)
although it is made in malaysia .

\\ designed mannequin in H&M //
just love how they designed it even it is not really obvious.

selca in the toilet .lol .

\\ ootd //
lazy to do layering because...off to tuition after shopping.
* i am a hardworking student. trust me * lollollol

it was so empty so let me take one more! hoho!
btw, i am finding a way get rid from the dumb look spec.
god help me. plz.

** fyi, setia city mall free 3 hours parking ! i know it is really wacky i keep focus on the parking fees topic but somehow i do really think cheaper parking fee is more attractive to me lol .**

got my self new rounded glass :)
love love love ! chio ?! hahaha! as long as it is fun

fav shot of the day.
\\ melted in mint //

10 more days to go i will be sitting for SUEC .
thinking about get a mermaid red hair dye soon. yay or nay?

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