28092012 H&M shopping day !

H&M the most affordable fashion brand  is now in LOT10,malaysia !!
oh my god ! i cant tell how excited i felt once i heard this !
(i was doubtful when first heard this lol lol lol ! is this real is it is it ? )
the answer is ----YES ! ----

I have been H&M fans since long time ago ! so once i heard it gonna opening soon in malaysia , i followed their news from time to time .
from newspaper,magazine, Facebook and even twitter ! i tweeted them almost at least twice a week before opening about 'any discount?' 'vouchers for newbies?' lol
 (now i know i am very annoying.! )

i eventually QUEUED up online ! my number is 116 .but some how i didnt get any emails or verification from H&M ...how sad ! so i decided not to go on the first day since i am unable to get any voucher ardy (okay, i am that way kiamsiap! ) well, actually the real reason is, i have class on that day larh! i am not that creepy okay!

so, end up i decided to pay a visit with brother right on the next day of opening !
(my brother also a fans of h&m ! )

we parked the car at farenheit88.
(i was worried about the parking fees will cost like rm10++.don't you think parking fees cost rm10++ quite not reasonable?rm10 i can threat my friends 2 chatime or cendol for 5 person ardy ! )
okay ! i am that way kiamsiap !

surprisingly, their parking fees cost only rm5 ! oh yeah yeah!

\\sound like i am advertising farenheiit lol //
*grinned face*

went UNIQLO. it was...kind of deserted since everyone went H&M  liao!!
sorry for UNIQLO.
we'll right back to you lol

spotted Uniqlo new series trouser in velvet !
highlighted Velvet as big hit material this season :)
♥ ♡ ♥

right after queued up at H&M around ....15 minutes , finally it's my turn to go inside grab my fav pcs!
(i heard some fans said that they queued up for half an hour...so i consider as lucky ardy ?)
*wink wink*
fyi, there are three levels in H&M lot10.
three of them are so packed ! 

i was so busy put stuffs into my shopping bag ahahaha!
only managed to get few pic.
here you go let me show you some fav clothes.

\\ polka dots chiffon maxi skirt// 
 omg ! this is so damn nice ! but i couldn't find where it put ! and cant reach their staffs to help me get this one ..so probably next time it will in my shopping bag. 
* i'll right back to you babe! *

\\ cropped sleeves firework top//

 it caught my eyes ! didn't it ?
*spotted the leopard print sexy girl at left bottom! nice right ?! *

\\ babies' strip sport suit //

this is so cute ! smaller than a A4 magazine lol lol lol!

\\ rainbow colors hot short //
aha..this one...no need any description. just grab it ! why not ?!

\\ fav accessories section //
their accessories section made me bankrupt ! haha!
exotic, city , russian , bohemia all styles you craved for can find at here !
my accessories drawer is gonna boom right now @@..urghh urghh urghh

****do you know ? h&m provide 'BUY NOW,THINK LATER' service! ****
fyi, this service is very common in US but it doesnt common in malaysia. which means, you can change the clothes you bought in h&m which you feel regret after bought. with term in 30 days.

so ngam ngam,a trouser i bought last weekend is too loose so i think i will try out this service soon.
~ˋ( ̄▽ ̄#)ˊ~

my #ootd
black and white coordinate.

okay that's all for today ~
X thanks for reading X

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