25092012 stuffs haul !

 received what i ordered month ago :)
so happy with my latest stuffs haunt oh yeah yeah!

(most of them are selling at my fb webshop. it is a store where i share and selling fav stuffs)

this season i am so addict to spike, silver and leather !
too bad malaysia is so god damn hot if not i would buy more knits and fur vest lol.
(also very lucky i no need to buy them if not i will be more poor than now lol)

\\ triple layers spike bracelet ♥ ♡ ♥  //

\\ silver metallic neck bangle //
not sure if i can call this as bangle haha!

\\  Leaves earcuff by ASOS //
it inspired me about goddess of ATHENA !

\\ wedges heel //

simple yet comfort .
no brand . randomly choose because it is cheap! below rm60 :)

\\ super comfy although walked a day in H&M //
super love this ! easy to match

\\ japan tattoo silk stockings //
omg! i love this soo much !
seriously, i really hate to wear silky stocking because i though they are so AUNTY-ish !
but now it is no more ! stylish and silk in one ~
**it lighten up my skin color naturally, even the pic outcome is better ♡ **
only Japanese can make this awesome product ! how can they be so creative ?!

tadaa ! no more blackish knee ! (it look more natural under sunlight.)
\\ shoes by converse x cdg //
 Murua new design set ! ~~
actually this is not the latest design in autumn, but so far this is my new bought set so i named it as NEW .lol lol lol ....sampat is it ?

\\ the england style roses is love //

\\western writing look casual and classic //
 \\ STYLENANDA folded skirt //
flew all a way from korea...so happy when received it !
it look suck because folded in packaging for a long time~ 
it becomes better after hung up for a day
 \\ stylenanda is my new addiction//
they finally open their first flagship shop in Hongdae!
omg ! really cant wait to fly there now ! why dont they open a flagship in malaysia :(
their style is totally my style! simple, gorgeous!

details shot. the textures,cutting are perfect

pic from stylenanda website


u guys should really put on eyes on them 💡💡
i guarantee u will not be disappointed with them !
\\ love stylenanda //

 sorry for the sorry top ..lol

here is my haunted stuffs report :)
next post will be my visit to H&M last sunday

i swear i will spent more in H&M soon ..
they are way too adorable !
my new fav store absolutely--H&M

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  1. Hello there ! May i enquire where u got ur murua sticker tattoos n tattoo stocking? Been searching a long time for them ! Thanks ! :)

  2. hi, i am selling them :)
    here you go :)
    tatto stocking i didnt update ..cause it is my private stuff but it same supplier with the spike bracelet so i can bring them at once for you :)

  3. heyyyyyy, where do u bought the ear cuffs? is it expensive

    1. i am selling them on belated-duo :) not so expensive :) below rm20 :)