[reviews]08092012 asience hare care

pic telling : apps editing is really wonderful !

How are you guys doing recently? it has been a while i lost -.-
and...today is quite lucky because ...today is a happy day!

because...my UEC trial war finally going on (means,i cant wait to finish it then get freedom!)
although i didnt well prepare for it, but still feel...happy ! idk why..

received a pack of sample pack from KAO last month(yeah it is really...late post! )
i request it from FREEBIESLAND there a lot of freebies and promotion update!

i love to apply for freebies and make reviews for them :) sharing is caring tau tak?
another reason is, i am so surprised whenever there is a small mysterious envelope for me once arrive home ~a dose of surprise can light up my life sometimes.

a small pack included shampoo and conditioner .

i used it like for three times and more.
has been looked after this brand for a long time.i still remembered the first time i saw this brand is on POPTEEN magazine. it is one of the hottest selling hair care product in Jpan.

so .... it's time for me to find it out how amazing it is.


captured right after arrived home from school dismiss ~
hair become...fugly.
dust,oily,smelly after a day . it looked rough. LOL


I used ASIENCE shampoo and conditioner, and dried it only !
no comb, no other hair care product used.

totally SMOOTH! and my hair smell NICE !
automatically,the mood is nice !hoho!

Kao Asience Shampoo will be available at all Jusco & Watson store

price : 6/10 
(it is quite expensive if compare with local shampoo.but since it is japan product so is acceptable.)
average rate : 7/10
would i purchase this product : maybe.  their conditioner GOOD!

-----promotion update----
SUSHI KING rm2 bonanza is back !
  • 1 – 4 October 2012 ( Penang, Perak, Kedah, Melaka, Johor, Pahang and Negeri Sembilan)
  • 8 – 11 October 2012 ( Sabah and Sarawak )
  • 15 – 18 October 2012 ( Selangor and KL )


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