27102012 SASA & new daily bag !

i am so bore staying at home after UEC!
felt so .... alone. and empty :(

hate the feel so much

and i have classed next week so i cant dye my hair right now wtf.
but hey ' appreciate your last few school life okay ?! '

planning to go for retails shop interview but end up i still at home.
okay, i am way too bore so can only editing pictures and blog .

 SASA haul a week ago.
although i was having exam that time but i just cant help i must go out if not i will turn crazy and will finally ride on a broom like a witch hoping it could bring me out.

i love how the dreamy feel i capture the plastic bag with the furry white carpet.
you you ?
♥ ♡ ♥

 sasa tinnie wet tissue

voce moda Konjac.
**dont buy this girls, rate 2/5 ... i would rather buy etude house or the face shop one.*

this one is for mom but she hasn't try it out yet.

 and the MUST-BUY item every times go to SASA!
these are newly fav stuff!
especially the 'SNAIL' one!
i know it sounds creepy. but really nice to use. and Snail essence is very hot selling now.

i am more scared by the 'snake' one lol.

i am royal SASA masks's fans .
totally fall in love with them once i tried .

it is totally diff with what i tried before.quickly absorbed,non sticky at all and it is cheap !
4 for rm10 ! totally worth than it's price.

 Sexy look's (taiwan brand) kitty mask
*this is from my sister's friend.

oh myyy god! look at the packaging ! how can i resist it ?
Kitty born to make girs BROKE.

*spotted the winking kitty ! w*f why u so cute!*

fyi. i found kitty lover heaven in Farenheit88 last week!
 pic from my low pixel phone i am sorry.

there is a shop fulled with mannyyy pinky cosmetic and skin care product inside!
i found so much COSMOS's brand award items there too!

baviphat is available there!

and so do DOLLYWINK!

gonna crazy over there with bunch of friends very soon.

got myself a  H&M  artificial leather cambridge satchel inspired two ways bag.
want to get a black color one but no stock :(
sob sob

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