25102012 churpout bazaar 2012 real one!

hello peeps!! dont get shock by my first big big big pic lol!
let me sendiri syiok first because....

I finished my UEC !

omg omg omg! i cant tell how excited it is ! just like ... getting a million dollars drop from sky.
teehee! (*>﹏<*)′

i dont think i did well but.. all of them past !
looking forward and think positive!

back to the topic !
i went to #churpout2012 bazaar last week!
13 oct 2012!
it just a day earlier of before my birthday!

i was so excited the night before until cant sleep .fml.
even before exam i also wont cant sleep lol! funny anot?!

*just look at the first row one.others dont see .lol*

went with mua sweetheart  emily :)) !!
we had a long time didnt meet !soooo excited to see each other!!

we arrived at Publika like...11am? i forgot!
i though we are late but luckily not!
we almost fainted there . NO JOKE.

luckily it was not so crowded when we first arrived
surely first visit cheeser & audrey !
(i bet they are famous enough no need any description.)

busy cheesie .
*spot audrey fluffy melody phone casing anot?

and busy audrey .

i could hear my heartbeat when saw them far far away from the registration counter !
almost wanna screamm' aww cheesie and audrey ehh!! "

i always pray 'let me meet cheesie plz.' everytime i go for #Nuffnang's premiere screening
toobad it never happen.
so, meet cheesie in real person just like a dream for me.#missionimpossibru

not to forget,i got some pieces from their collection-foruchizu.
thumbs up!

reasonable price.looking forward for more.
♥ ♡ ♥

audrey & emily !

audrey &yours truly !
*she is so pity keep sniff sniff on the day :(

my epic scene with audrey : aud wore a wedges platform shoes on that day i guess it is like..4cm?then i asked her ' opps . audrey, u cheated your height today. :) ' *grin face*
she replied :"haha! yaya ...cheat one cheat one~ "
*and she kept wave her hand look very cute!

how can you be soooo cute?!
♥ ♡ ♥

emily &cheesie !

idkwhy face grinned so much*this pic took by gf3
from emily's friend aww so happy !
omg ! cheesie face is so so so so so so damn small. even a gardenia bread can cover it .

*cheesie should try to measure in this way?*

my epic scene with cheesie :  i talked with her in chinese because i wanna hear how she speak chinese..i heard she spoke in japanese,cantonese and english and chinese on youtube before,but i want hear live one ! *greedy i know* 
conclusion: cheesie's chinese is veryy cheesy and china-ish one!

the slang very china-ish i mean. hahahaha!

***will blog about what i get from the event soon.***

cute and funny Ukulele!  :) *nice job u guys! *

haih i am that short (摇头叹气)))

yours truly & Tim aka meme proposal guy.
*lol...in case you dont know kay ?!

epic scene again:  i saw tim was passing by then i just go front and ask 'can i take a pic with you?"
even Emily also shocked by me. lol.  Tim is cute plz! and he still ask 'may i know your name?'
so many ppl i wont expect him to remember me the lil character.
haha! still happy to see him!

 ∧_∧  あっ!
♥ ♡ ♥

after that , Check out chuckei's booth!

busy set up booth. natsaw was there too!

oppsie nana. but look cute hahahaha!

Nana &emily !

Nana &yours  truly !

epic scene again : (lol i know i got many epic scene. haha idk why)
Nana was busy set up booth alone when we arrived the booth. only she was setting up that time..
we almost passed the booth and i suddenly *bulb lighten up* ehh the person look like nana worhhh?
''excuse me, are you nana?"
(she tighten up her hair so i cant recognized lol! really quite different ehh! )
then emily said :'ya meh? not larh! so different ?'
 she heard what we complimented then she said :"这样就像" while removing her hair elastic band and shake her hair like goddess !"
the situation is really funny!!

chuckei baby aka jane & emily !

chuckei baby aka jane & yours truly !

*i didnt attempt to pose with such....weird pose..but it automatically turn out like this i apologize.*

i have no epic scene with her la~ just asked for discount lol..
*aunty-ish i know* sorry...(默默奔走)

Lunch time!

kin kin pan mee ! emily said it is famous!
look yummy ! i wanna try out next time!

happy lil girl ! \\*^o^*//

my " YAM lo ba'' rice.
yummy ! and the portion is quite big for me...but the taste really nice!!


big big love!

lastly, selca in the toilet since there was a gigantic mirror inside.

polo loose dress one piece by Snidel. love it !
*spot the lil sock in mint !*

when we almost leave there,
i met bobo stephanie ehh!
congratz bobo get married and now has her dreaming huge closet which can walk inside.

she was standing behind me when i found her! surely immediately ask for pic hahaha!!
and so do congratz her for getting marry haha!
and i told her'i like your style verrryyy much! '
so ganjeong till i cant talk clearly. wtf

that's all for today :))

thank you for reading my craps blog hahahaha!

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