super special day!

Hi Hi !

there are too many things happen today!
let me tell one by one !

wakaka!~~(i am super excited now!)


i m interview 身新创意 society today!
it is a dance society~

totally, i think i m kinda fail in this interview~
they want us create some step ourself~

i m so nervous till dunno what should i do then dance until lie on the floor@@

then act like pro ==
how stupid of me?

but, i finally pass the interview~

congratulation to me!

fitting is all in black!~~
it make me look so slim^^ like it!

receive new lens from SUPER BARBIE EYE, it is a pink colour packing!

but it not my lens...hoho!

JAPAN brand ------UNIQ LO

is opened!!

dont u know the'uniq lo'?

it bring the latest design shirt, pants,jacket in JAPAN!

i will visit there on this saturday, wait for my post ya?

i cant wait to there some uniq gorgeous style fiiting!
kill me please!


my sis saw CHUCKEI BABY JANE at FARENHEIT today!


UNFAIR!!! why not me??? my adorable idol!~~

tired now~~
wanna go view my shop,settle the orders loo~

tomorrow will celebrate kaima birthday!
hope it will be a nice day!

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