i wanna earn $$$

oh my god!

i had spend rm800++ for my cny shirt and handphone!!

***all is my money,k??i m not a guys who juz know spend daddy,mumy money!


$ $ $ $ $ $ $

come forward to me!!!

haha ~~

but , it is so tired to earn money ...

do u know it??

yes ,i know.

i had try it b4..

i had 16 days dint sleep as well and wanna be crazy ...

i hate the feel...

i turns a guys who look like ghost...

i wanna buy so so so many things !!

my latest work..
a light red leg nails ..
i really think it is so nice ! not old ,k?
who say red colour nails juz for those elder person?
plz stop this stupid thinking ,k?

my extansion nail i these cny period!
all the crystal is fake swarovski !my phone cant take it as well..

princess nudy packing !!!

the model is popteen model -益若翼!!




my cute cute cute relative !!! when we ask him ,“爸爸叻?”
he will aswer us : "baba le??"with his cute wawa sound!!

his daddy juz 21years old
mummy juz 18years..

can u imagine it ?but he is come from a rich family.

my big big face..


haha ~bye!!

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