attention! new series lens !my favourite!!!


although now are cny,but i am here to introduce youguys some new series lens which is my favourite!!!

my favourite ~~

princess nudy !
bigger than geo nudy a little bit!

its packing is so nice !!
i will post it later!

*all colour also got degree!!even violet and green!!
get it now !

no. 2:
deuba dreamy i.

my 1st green lens is this !!!
i lurv it so so much!

i will post the pic i wear it later!

crystal .i

for agent :rm25

for my customer :rm28

ur guys can buy from me too!
this is 1st time i sell to thoe not my agent in 2010 !!

so ,attention for it ya ??

i will choose some agent from my customer .
do you will be one of them ??

i will collect these type lens oni from now to 2/3!

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