06023014 [Review] Unboxing the Black Box -Reebonz. Branded bags at affordable price !!

*although this is not my purchase experience but sis's *

Just right before CNY, sis ordered a bag from REEBONZ ! but i was the one more happy than she is LOLLOL !! i am happier to see ppl spend HAHAHA ! (because my purse didn't get smaller !XDD)

not sure if this applicable to you all but personally speaking, i feel really sad when pay a big amount in full when purchase a bag !! *no choice, i am really pokgai ardy* T.T
what sis and i LOVE LOVE LOVE about Reebonz is
they provide 0% Installment Plan with up to 9 banks !!
Now everyone can buy yourself a Prada Gucci LV Celine BV SF and even Hermes ardy kayy?!!
(i am drooling for balenciaga right now !)

they even provide FREE delivery within 5days !! 

skip all these first, come and UNBOXING the golden ribbon with me now !!
(unbox my sis's bag wtf.so sad to me.)
quite funny that the delivery van can't find my house HAHAHA !
luckily the delivery man called my sis and we decide to meet a place to get the bag!!
**** can't wait even for 1 minute!!****

look at the gorgeous black box with the super glamorous looking gold ribbon!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
it looks like a present dropped from the sky HAHAHAHA!
super excited to untied the ribbon like undress the box LOLLOLLOL!!

capture and share to instagram LOL ! #girlsbeinggirls

after posting then open it cruelly !! NO LAH !
open it carefully ~~~ 
look at the hot stamp of website on it !!
质感质感u know ?! 
sorry i was too syok to take pic hahahah!!
GUESS what is it ?
tadaa ~~ very first Prada in the house lol !!
(i sibeh ''suaba' i know... because our family don't really spend on luxury goods MAHH! )
jimat itu amalan murni LAHH~~

Here is it =)
sis picked a nylon bag instead of classic saffiano because saffiano is too formal for her.
a small size nylon tote will do for casual use ~~

but the saffiano leather on handle made me so in love with this material now !
anyone can give me any information if saffiano is easy to take care? will it get dirty very fast?
bag comes with reebonz tag showing bag identity and also AUTHENTICITY CARD inside

REEBONZ promise 100% authentic !!
1) lower price in compare with purchase at local
2) 0% installment plan
3) free worldwide delivery 

4) delivery within 7days 
5) 48 hours customer service 
(i must say that their customer service is really rally nice ! they confirm your order with you and double confirm your credit card details etc everything, you can actually feel that you are buying a thing with SERVICE ~! not those just make payment then wait wait wait and wait until cheated only realize lol )

it's time for me to think properly if i can get a city bag now !!
*dreaming dreaming *

remark :
so far didn't found any defect on the bag yet despite there are A LOT of similar complaints on their Facebook page...but i must say that...uhm..maybe is just luck ? read properly about the goods condition and description before purchase ya !

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