07012014 What's in my bag

happy school reopen everyone !!
*although this might not applicable to everyone lol *

have nothing to update recently since i stayed at home most of the time during sem break..
so... had an idea to blog about what's in my bag when moving stuffs from daily bag to school bag !

there are always some Essential which CAN'T be leave out !
daily bag.
(which means no college's days )
 Furla pop tote 

 here are my daily Essentials !

my first place will definitely be ....

1) TISSUE ! 
i can't live without tissue since i am having running nose almost everyday T.T
why u f*cking nose sensitive love me so much...
Anyway, personally think that, girls should always bring tissue with them so that when people needs tissue,you can bring out and give them very gently ! looks like 细心无微 LOL !
 sibeh good acting skill hahahahaha!!  

2) Lip balm / lipstick / lip tint 
i always think that put lipstick before old is so aunty, so ah ma style!!
 but after a while working in the industry, i realized how important to have some COLOR on face !
from left to right :  vaseline lip balm, etude house lip tint , revlon color stay suede , bobbi brown lip treatment 
lip tint is the best invention ever i swear!! both of these color are my favorite as you can see i finished them hehe! they works on my lips even i have uneven lips color !

another favorite will be bobbi brown lip treatment which bring some color on lips while protecting lips like the lip balm! unlike other lipstick, it is super moisturize and blend well with lips color ~~ this is my MUST item in bag !

3) Purse .

no money no talk.
this is such a realistic world. so....
I/C, license must bring to avoid any 'cases' !

purse is souvenir from mum from china =)
 love it ! super convenient

other small items ...
 small handy mirror also souvenir from mum from korea.
compact size with clean design ~ 
much more better than the gigantic mirror i bought from daiso lol
 the size is just perfect to bring every where ~

 Crabtree&Evelyn hand creme (lavender)
 souvenir from hong kong
i was thinking to buy before but then now i save it back hahahaha!
do u ever feel freezing in office / class? YES, I AM.

then the skin, face , hand are sooo dehydrated !
especially when it is a boring lecture, and the room is freezing then will start playing with fingers then realized the death skin around and then peel them...then...blood came off !
*this is so freaking pain seriously *

so i'll put some hand creme whenever feel bored and the lavender smell will keep me awake  hahahah!
eyes drop will always in my bag due to :
contact lens infection, dust in the air, facing screens for a long time etc 

oil blot sheet to avoid super oily face which can use to 'deep fry' egg LOL 

Victoria's secret perfume tester paper & charger (from my previous phone huawei.)
i like to put some perfume tester in bag from time to time to avoid my bag get smelly LOL !
spare spectacles to use in class!
this has higher eye power but it is so damn heavy and it keeps slipping ...zzz
the only reason i bought this just because the rhinestone design at side 
rhinestones inside will move around hehehe ! 

just realized that there are nothing much of stuff in my bag anymore... but why ah why my bag is so heavy most of the time??
i can't understand base on these few stuff i bring always...LOL
give me some time to figure out why the heck my bag is so heavy grrrr!!

so here is an end for today !

found out i have this much of lipstick now when keep my stuff back ...

since when huh ??

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  1. hahah not souvenir from hong kong la :p
    i bought it here!

    1. har har ? ya meh ya mehh ? DUN CARE, souvenir. HAHAHAHA

  2. Like that mirror, so cute!!! =]