new stuff^^

12.30am ardy~!

suddenly feel like wanna blogging about the new stuff~
actually shirts bought last month..and i have no time to wear or even blog about

⊙﹏⊙ lol

nono i still wanna blog about it!
since the shoes to match them finally reach^^

Miu Miu X LENA inspiron vintage heel
ignore the DELL box.

but but but!
mine one not original MIU MIU la..
miu miu too expensive ..T.T

beige is love~

but...kinda hard to wear this shoes...kinda 'HIGH' (ˉ(∞)ˉ) 

anyway, still loving this shoes^^
hey GOD, give me a chance for go out plz...thst's impossible if i wear it at home..
imma lack of time to go out!

another cutie flat .
creamy pink! awww~~ ಥ‿ಥ

but...why are there a CHANEL icon?? idea..i dint found it until i watch back the photo in camera

the material of the shoes kinda nice ~~ ヽ(´▽`)/ regret~

some shirts and bla bla bla bought last month..
chiffon, peachy layer A-cut high waist skirt,skinny base pants...etc

urghh!! i wan to go out!
i miss THE LOAF's cheesie bun badly..
and and and! shimino! snowflake! ... and ....wan to eat bibimbap ..

stop think about that.

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  1. i like the first high heel~ its look so sweet and feminie~ where u buy it~~~

  2. haha~~ i like it too^^
    u can get it from here