work done posted on 25072011
大呼! 我好喜欢这个!

love this MAX!
did you saw the purplish eyelashes?

yup , she is a FASHIONABLE pony ! (✿◠‿◠)
***unluckily , not mine :(

this is what u say 夜空中的星星!!(background )

aloha, finished my lastest work report,back to my personal life can? *smiling*

hey hey, finally i stepped out from house !!
FINALLY !( ゚ヮ゚)

go to MID VALLEY with sista and mama

outfit of the day...
covered the face by love shape....
i wan a plastic surgery immediately plz..:(

sista outfit .
we both wore the almost same outfit ^^

saw this at F.O.S
why 尹恩惠 on the pant??

hello kitty!!\(^o^)/

tried a super fit cutting high waist pant at P&CO.
bought it at last,since.....MEGA SALES is going on!!

yup yup~
it cause me MUST go out for...

kenny's work---- ms.molly !
omg omg omg..
MOLLY in cheerleading is so adorable!

basket ball molly ^^

Molly gave me a sharp impression when 2009 m'sia comic carnival .
dunno why . she just like...a girl has her very special personality.

SINCE i addicted to TOYS recently...
almost go for TOYS whole the day..\(^o^)/

o la la!~ pony in da house! sweetie belle! ~~woah

this this this! hello kitty 电饭煲,烤面包机!

aiyeryer....can i have this argh?
melody look shy shy (=*0*=)

hello kitty puzzle machine! so attractive right?

dream dazzler mirror

\(^0^)/ bought list!

sista bought super big kitty's piggy bank~
anyone want to make it into like this.....?

La Senza is having a SALE now!
gals, go get ur fav underware =^0^=

da 3rd pony~

bought a cutie water bottle for myself^^
omg omg~~ so cute!

sleeping eyemask ! i want to have a perfect sleep! ^~^

tomorrow have EKONOMI test again..
today's MANDARIN test is suck.


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  1. tis pony is nicer~!!@@
    really a sky as background..XD

  2. this one nicer ?
    that rainbow de lerh?

    if this is nicer then jiu cham liao...

    the background...super nice!