maybank2u TAC problem..

open school already lorh~~

unhappy today many insect at our class today!fly n fly n fly ~yuks!!

i hate insect sooooooooooo much !

fly here and there ..

most important is, got some word on my table today

"死废材noob wood"

actually, i dont know y ..

i dint make anyone angey before..
so finally i decided to ignore it~

maybe, just those childish person wanna play play then wan c who so unlucky..
so , tats me, so wat ?

i m busy today n i dont have any time to think about this stupid things...

Transfering money now... cant get the TAC no at all..

so i nid wait wait wait..


bad mood on these day ..
away plz
while u see i reply u in some short sms n also some 不客气 de text ..

really out of control my emotion ...


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