i lurv u ~dad n mum !muacks~~

actually , still stress in these days..

but i dont want write it again ..

i dont want my world turns so grey..><

so ,

i wanna sharing some things happen in my house ~

which make me so so so touch...

tat day ,while my mum was driving, the h/p rang~
so i help my mum answer it.

it was a call from Ambank.
she is asking for the credit card application.

after the cheating kes in my house , all the credit cards had been blocked.

**i m looking for my own pc/laptop on these days..
after i thinking n thinking,
i decided to sign a Streamyx contract.

RM99 -1Mbps With Free PC.

it is quite cheap~

parts of them (rm55)
will be paid by me every month~

it is quite responsible too~

but, the tm center said need the credit card..

so ...

my dream had broken..***

until , mum apply credit card!

i confuse, mum dont have income de worh,how apply?
finally, my mum told me, because she got a quite big deal fix deposit at Am bank.

thats why Am bank will approve it..

then , my dad come back ..

when he come in house ,
1st words he says is :"that credit card go active it back~cause ying wanna buy computer ma.."

i m really touch!

thx thx thx...

lurv u all ~

oh ya ~
Congratulation for my stupid brother PopperMask~
he is the champion of a dance competition~

later upload his pic la~
i m lazy larh~

busying now..

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