gathering with primay school classmate~~


13th june . a special sunday for me.
because i m going to send stock to my customer at brem mall ~

then around 2pm , veng loc asking to me ,
u got go to gathering anot?

truthly, i m a person dont like expose to my primary school friendsss...
dont know y..
i m unconfidence to face them .

outfitting on the day.


M.Jackson n a short pants. quite simple .
i think,dont try to be stare is better.

1st, go '甜品哥哥'with my darling karyan.
then meet the natural leng luii erica~
it is really long time dint meet.

then we go QQ after part of our 6c'2006-SJK(C)Mun Choong classmate arrive.

both of them juz keep quite.lolx><>< style="color: rgb(204, 102, 204);">
this is veng loc, not me ..

so Teh U Wyn is our photographer on the days~~he can take pic by using 1 hand!pro!!

camwhore with friend..
i really think both of us is too shame to take any pic..

a balley dancer-yiling~~sexy body shape~~

spent almost rm80-90 in 4hours..

i get my own eyeliner gel ardy !! slap plz~~i had think so long time, wat should i get ?

eyeliner? HEME rose moisturizing?HEME rose night mask?or japan scrub mask?

finally, i choose
maybelline drama lasting eyeliner gel~-rm35.xx sumthing like tat
Biore makeup remover-rm22.9 2nd bottle ardy lu~~

the other
biore is body cleanser in sakura favourite. i like the smell ~~
free gift with makeup remover

try to use it~~

***i like it effect~
it is more easy to use than in liqiud form and in pen form.

quick dry, and easy to up-colour.


by using fake hair clip 25cm*50cm
dark black

dramatic eyeliner~

i waaannaaa a new house plz...

my baobei t707 had full of oil!!
cause when we was 'bbq'ing, many butter dah used and many mist had go out..
*tats why all the pic look oily~

surface of soft drink full with oil`~`
scare to drink it..

how i clean my baobei ???

funny face~~

our photograph~
at here~~!/album.php?aid=61301&id=1521384928&page=2

pic takes by LG Arena~

i look so so so so childish..dun like it..

geo angel blue same design with pop.c light blue

the light make my eyes cant open ...'kok 'until like this..

eyebag...dark circle.. i hate u !!!

my big big arse~~

blek blek~~

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