lolx holiday...


i can rest in these days...

a gud news for me..

beside that..

felt so sad because my dad n mum go to china ardy..
leave me n my bro alone..

so,my bro had go my 'kaima' house.
i go to my cousin house which located in jinjang..

here,i dun hav any transport,any atm machine,any post office!!!
this 3 things is really important to me!

i really cant live without them..
but now.. haiz..

i go take my breakfast,lunch and dinner by walking!!

i never walk so long distane like this except go to mutiara from our lovely skul..


i wanna free!!!!!

all of my customer parce had hang at here...
i cant go post office to post out all of these...

i wan a car!!!

i really mess about all the order and transaction,posting...anything...

i miss daddy,mummy,brother,sister!!!!
miss u all ...

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