a happy day~(before10.55pm)


today i had my “体育考试!”


i had pass it !

felt so happy because i never pass it before! (or pass it by less some distance)

but today,i complete it and pass it spend 1711 minute!

maybe it is easy to you,but it is hardly to me..

i m a low blood pressure people..
i m easy to faint after physical culture..

but i complete it!!

6 around the circle!


beside that~~
fell so happy while 1st recess time~
i go back to class with jin lu ..
suddenly,a male is opposite us..
oh ..he is “ah bun..”/"a yiik"??
i dun know.
i juz know he is jin lu frens..

while i turns my head to see who is that ,
suddenly i fell a hand beside my left eyes..

???who is that ??

so so so surprise is carmen..><

get a big shock..
and i stun on there for a while..><

oh my god..
i dun know wat i can say..

but it is surprise..



while i had open my 2nd email-box,
i found i had miss 10++ order..

my nvm,i will follow it back..

then i sign in my 2nd msn..

oh no..

21++person need to approve their add..

it make my pc so slow......

till it lag for 10 minute!

oh please..

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