11022013 February hair diary

gong hei fatt choi everyone ! *angpaus come come ! *

yeappy ! i changed my hairstyle before this cny hohoho! i get my favorite  purple on hair NAO ! awww!!
damn ganjiong before hair cut because i was worrying i will regret !
 *bet all girls same as me!*
and seriously, this is a quite hard decision because i cut my 2years long fringe  !
i love long fringe because i can clip it up easily when it is a bad hair day! and haha! long fringe have many pattern to play with~
*my forehead is short * --main point. !
long fringe can easily make your face look longerr lol lol lol !
last december =)

last december =)

january 2013 =)
long fringe look so feminine isn't it ?

then after hair cut turn our like this !
somehow short fringe feel great also larh! haha!!
and i finally get to make 3 colors gradient dip dye color oh yeah oh yeah!
*too bad my hair still short if not it will be more nicer ! *
hahahah! very sleepy look i am sorry ! ~
the only picture showed purple color dip dye obviously !

able to see it or not ? grrr
 i hope my hair is longer so can show the purple color more obvious ehh!!~~
spot fringe in duo color also please lol !
 roots in duo color is so much ♥.♥ !
chosen a lighter brown as base color but too bad it unable to cover my original hair color!
so ...accidentally turned out two colors lol lol lol !
 the thick thick heavy curl fringe ! aww! i never know that i could love short fringe soo much !

currently having three /four colors haha!
light brown > copper brown > red > dark purple !
pimples why you no go away ??! grr

gosh i love the fringe with curl hahahaha!! i wanna touch it unstop ! bahahaha!
 without the studded collar can see the purple ? hahaha! omg ! i feel like wanna make whole head purple next time ! it just too attractive !! ~~!!

 okay, vain photos time !!
click the X button if you hate to see vains selca please lol !
even myself cant recognize myself seriously wtf ! =.=

idk who is this lol ...so not me so not me !!....aiks..

showing the purple hair end! loving this feel more like me ! haha!!

okay larh ...the most happy point i get this hair is.....
i spent only rm100 to get this hair dye and cut !!
*i dyed for four times and cut for three times ! * WORTH !!

just half of my budget wakakakak!! i cant stop smiling while think of this awww!!
happy smile !

good bye, going out hunt for more angpaus lol !
have something to do today ! hope it goes well plz plz plz =)

not to forget, my selca all took by casio ex-je10 ! love its make up mode ! hahahaha!!

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