06082012 summer escape -Genting Highland pt.2

[now playing ]leona lewis -collide

second post about the last VACATION to genting highland
super excited for 2nd day because it is time tooooooo way crazy!

#1 early in the morning :) hello lil bunnies ~

#2 say hi to my fellow Chia yie ~≧◡≦
*sleepy puffy eyes* due to the late sleep in previous night

#3 local NASI LEMAK as breakfast :)
#4 western ham and croissant .
sorry i am way too hungry then i bite before i shoot . forgive me...
#5 breads and black pepper sausage

simple yet nice buffet we had . i was so confused where to get foods once i stepped into the cafe .lol.
so many cuisine ! nyonya, japan, western,local...etc
#6 creeepy pic. acting like a celebrity ! haha!  ≧❂◡❂≦ 
#7 not complete group pic 1.
fml my pose.lol
#8 girls take at 'star walk ' corridor.
it is a corridor which have many poster of celebrities who came Genting highland held their concert before.
#9 Epic bin in star walk. TMD (in mandarin)ಥ_ಥ  
#10 mirrored selca while waiting enter the outdoor theme park
#11 . lovely grandma, i can feel your happiness ..
THANK YOU for all mamassss in world ❤
#12 . cute and good manner Acer
#13 ☜(*▽*)☞happy lil girl take1
#14 happy lil girl take2 *with lollipop* ≧ω≦

#15 happy lil girl take3 *peace* ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

#16 serious lil boy take4
#17 view *click to enlarge *

#18 . while waiting in queue .

top- CSIC top from brother
*i like the design on back i forgot to captured it down lol*
denim short- Uniqlo. UJ
legging - h&m
necklace - Asos
shoes - Converse in nion pink

#20 recent fav stuff
#21 selca
#22 not complete group pic2

#23 epic peace on pirate ship.

#24 I surrender *jessie's quote*
hello bro in front stop distraction.
sorry for the miss in front ..i bet u gonna hate this shot.
#25 sorry blurred out . (╥﹏╥)

this is a failed pirate ship ever. i felt like i was on swing
#26 sit like a boss
#27 selca. chia yie i wan ur fair skin ≧ω≦
#28 epic shot like a foreign
#29 epic shot like a foreign !
such a funny shot like i had when i was child.

#30 epic shot like a foreign .
#31 epic shot like a foreign4 . i like this !♥

#32 epic selca. ๏̯͡๏ it was such a shiny day !
i was glad i brought my sunglasses along ! it safe me from burning eyes.

#33 queuing up.
#34 i'm on the top of the world ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀
omg ! look at the blue sky ❤
#35 steady steady heading to the top of world.

#36 i believe i can FLY ! i believe i can TOUCH the sky

#37 two leng luiis  jessie and jiayi in da house !
#38 jiayi's selca .she is such a lovely girl~
so taiwanese right!

#39 happy lil girl in queue.

#40 silly lil girl in queue.
#41 silly tall girl on mary go around.
there are no different sit on horse *according to our babe tall girl .lol *
#42 happy lil naughty girl
#43 happy naive girl on mary go around
#44 happy couple flirting around. ≧◡≦

#45 flying chairsss

#46 omg my wig is going to fly away?! haha

#47 happy lil girl!

#48 oh jack look at me ! i am flying (titanic)
#49 fainted
#50 pretty lye
she is getting prettier day by day ! love her dimples !
#51 pretty lil tall girl
she is the comedian among us! u are so cute (>‿♥)

#52 pretty huimin with the best ever face figure.
envious !
#53 silly lil me
crap photos dunno where to put
honey star chocolate cone !
early in da morning in room
rarely seen chia yie's selca!
u're sexy and i know it.

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