051111 . new phone

had been the super busy bee today..
rushing orders,rushing moving home, rushing lil bro's thing.
and rushing to get my new phone

****i am poor to get an IPHONE :(
sad case ...

whatever. just a phone .
i wanna save my money to ...P.S & car.


still confusing to use this new phone.
imma super noob in IT product . :X

bought almost 9pcs of casing for new phone :P
and so do a melkco casing. melkco is expensive, my purse is crying ~~

so do busy about the new old house.
(old house is renovating , and it seems like become a new one !)

busy about buy some new furniture, move some furniture in...bla bla bla.

i will get a pretty princess pink room with sister soon!
uhm...pink is not my style , but pink is really lovely ~~

tomorrow gonna go buy some bathroom used acce.
busy busy and busy..

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