woah happy may!

ahem, will sit for the pendidikan moral exam tomorrow..
but i dont feel like wanna do a revision...

read PENDIDIKAN MORAL is kinda brainless, dont you think?
moral not for read, but do it!! right?

well, i m a girl with moral okie?

kinda stress in this exam week...
but anyway , i m sooooooo happy!!

MY **** is gonna reach soon!!

and...due to **** gonna reach soon , i feel like..i should change my phone as fast as i can...
BUT! ...

no $ larh!!

HAPPY MAY! i love you sooo much!
*****ignore this post, i just suddenly feel like super duper hyper happy !!~~

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  1. haha~~ya lorh~~
    dunno why~~
    my moral's paper macam sudah hilang...

    lagi happy!