back to HOLIDAYS !

say YEAH! to holiday!
holiday is finally back from rest! ^^

had a great day with Creative Movement Society ytd at PAVILLION,kl.
we watched-----BLACK SWAN

actually it is 18X movie..
because it got sex topic...

****is our CMS senior book the ticket, so it is not my false^^****
comment: kinda scary .this is my very first time scream in the cinema >< ...

i woke up on 11am today...and when i want turn on my computer....


mama:"ying! come out sign ur parcel!"

★!new stock arrive !

then i keep busy on my stock...
until now, still haven complete.


i got so many things gonna busy about...
will meet a photographer next week to discuss about the mini stall at WANGSA WALK
...i do really hope i can open a mini shop...

news : 8.9 earthquake at 太平洋。it cause tsunami at JAPAN,
i do really felt sooo sad when i saw it at FB !
but...what we can do now...just only recycle,reuse.....

PEACE plz...

please help me decide:
panasonic lumix GF2 /Nikon D 3100!

i m gonna crazy with these! me decide it....i hate decide!

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  1. me too~
    for sreaming in the cinema and "pok" ppl~=.=

    try to compare the function la~dun so rimas =0=
    i got go search tat two cam u said on google~ juz see it's pattern~xP lazy search for it's function~
    wat u want to do wit the cam?for take a good photo?so...choose a high distinct one~

  2. i had ardy compare the function...still revolt...dunno how to say...haiz...