13032011- outgoing day with brother Kheng

finally i have some time outgoing^^
u la la~~

outfit of the day.
pic took at UNIQLO.

brother ask me to accompany he walk around to get some idea for new collection of
Nondezcript production

and also , he wan get the t-shirt
dragon-ball X Uniqlo..
and me? i wan try for canon D3100 & lumix GF2 & Sony a33(alpha 33)

ya, tats y i wan go out...i wan spot the camera.

tried a short waist pant at Uniqlo.

this pant is super comfort! ...so yeah! i bought it.
***UNIQLO have special discount at selected item! ***
this pant cost rm49.90 (before discount rm99.90)
how worth! yeah!

wore the new heel out.
but i change it to flat at last...heel is totally not suit for shopping! :(

then we go times square ^^
random pic took at car park.

busy kl city..

how peace it look?
hope it will keep like this forever..PEACE plz.

1st try TS 's chatime!

oh ya! if u have go PAVILION's chatime,go to the counter get the 10% discount voucher!
u can use it at TS!


chatime of the day----red bean roasted milk tea.
if pearl milk tea is 100%, then red bean milk tea is 150% !!!

when the pearl meet RED BEAN ....wonderful !
totally addict to red bean roasted milk tea now! i m saying bye-bye to pearl milk tea^^

we go to sg.wang after that..
as brother wan play pierced ears...

ish..blurring blurring...

teehee! so ...how is your feel huh?

they provide this service..

i am thinking, should i provide this also at my webshop?

there are a KOREA FOOD FAIR at the LG floor of SG.WANG!

u guys know i like korea food especially KIMCHI right?haha
so i buy it^^

somebody wear the korea wear also^^

the food there cheaper than i bought at KOREA!

picture took before leave^^
(can you see brother's earing? i dont think so ><) bag is a recycle bag. REUSE, RECYCLE,REDUCE!


tadaa....dragon-ball X UNIQLO t-shirt.

my fav.

waist pant

oh ya! if u guys like VOUCHER/SALES,plz attention at the side advertise.
it always have many info about food/service voucher

do click it know more about it ya?

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