Carnival Expo Malaysia+latest blingee work!

about my first promoter job~

This is my first time, and i am kinda nervous about it==

wake up on 7.00am
(i set wrong hp alarm the day before,it should be wake up on 5.45am,but i set 5.45pm)==
how stupid ???ARGHH....

pix took while i m waiting for cousin sis.

the neck had been lost==

Then we go Tmn Mastiara 's KTM took the KTM go to SERDANG!

the ladies coach----first time took KTM ...i meet friend on it that day==lolx.

here is our 2nd booth. i m the promoter of BIG FOOT !

big foot natural pop lollipop--multi vitamin lollipop! == i just can give this reaction while IVY told me this~

is there any sweet with vitamin?? maybe got.

the other sweet i m promoting! Ilike the smell so so so much !MILK favourite!

the sample look like medicine。。。but NOT!
it is milk flavour sweet!♥

rest at the sofa while reach is kinda tired!
my eyes are tired cause wearing lenses whole day~~

**at last ,manager told us get the sample when we are closing the booth~ then i get MANY lollipop till i can sell it...

but i had take it to school give my classmate~ i m happy about them enjoy the sweet!

NEXT----my latest blingeework(my stuff)

as you know, i get the new design namecard ♥ !

it is time to get the new design namecard holder ♥!


i call it: 嫁纱。它给我一种幸福的感觉==

i also dunno why.



这个图片里钻钻的反射光线是自然的,我没p 过哦!

hope you will like it !

i m studying everything effortly, i will unstop study to be a super girl!

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