24/8/2010 Happy Day!


very happy today!

because of my swollen eyes, absent to school today~
there was really hurt o my eyes... very uncomfortable on my eyes..T.T
there was really fluke ...=(

2nd day i get the red eyes...its better than yesterday...*ignore my stupid worse skin

get the medicine from doctor~~and also the MC..

2. I get my bb LAPTOP!!

i like the sexy metallic red colour~

i never try this function before~~~

so so so excited~! but ....cant use it now...it is 'kosong'now ...dint have any software inside~

i will patiently wait for it after installing everythings~

3.I had buy for my own luggage! n my glove for the KOREA trip!
some pix take on the day~

xixi...the hat had cover over my eyes...==

my sis~~lolx...==

the red colour one laugagge is mom's
brown colour one lauggageis sis's
black colour one laugagge is mine !

is it the orange colour will be more attractive?

tata~i wanna go ardy~~~HAHA><
my stupid aka sis was showing the money$...

we had buy for 3 luggage n 3 pairs of gloves~
total just almost rm400++~

1*25'' lugagge and 2*20'' cabin luggage !<<<70%>

if get in with normal price, it costs rm1500++~
all of them get at ONE UTAMA -----Travel for All SDN.BHD~ at B zone !

i m prefer the Travel for all if u wanna get some travel things~
nice service and nice price!

tyring the cute snow hat~
quite nice~

but it is quite expensive$$$.....
around rm 49++/per.

so i dint get it ,cause i think that is unfair..haha>< style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(51, 51, 255);">rm36.9 ...
i never buy the slipper more than rm 20 before..

it is a 泰式渲染slipper~
i like it so much!

i had forget the de pix~
post it next time~

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