Puffylab! ~ wow ! i like it style ~original design!

yaya ~
do u know what is that puffylab?

what ?
dunno ?

omg >< style="font-size:85%;">
i am a person who support original design!
also this is my style ,ANTI copying !

why i will interesting about it?
erm...because the name of puffy lab look like delicious!><><>

anyway ~about the goods selling ?
xixi..actually,i m searching for the special design tees.now!
*not only juz the words...
it quite boring for me ardy..
words n words..
i wanna a good design!
so , i m exciting to puffylab design ~~waiting waiting~

my lovely friends~~lets join it~

cause ~~
we need to be awesome from now~

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