02092014 When it comes to 3 months break.

It's SEPTEMBER ardy!!
time flies huh.

Finished my long long 3 months break and finally get back to college today.
Well,first day isn't spontaneous as what i used to experienced.

Friends surrounding probably is the aspect to give the life a whole new change.
Anyway, loner will definitely adapt her own loner life without a doubt kay.

nah. just forget those.
break up is still considered a good thing to me =D

Has not been updating blog lately because i am crawling towards movie making recently! 
**ahem. i mean....video making * 

Video making is absolutely another different story in compare with blogging by just pictures.
1) Ideas
2) Machinery 
3) Manpower
4) Editing skill
5) lighting 

there is still a long way to go.
Feel like a lost duckling right from the start when facing the strange premiere pro 
(just like how i fell when i first using photoshop back then) 

Btw, i am burning my purse to upgrade my camera gear and giving a completely new soul.
bought new lens and also external microphone for better sound quality.
the most headache is ...i lost my tripod panel
 ( the little black board clip on the tripod connecting camera with tripod)
has been looking for it for quite some while and turns out i have to give up on the tripod. and buy a new one -.-


here is a latest video ( less than 1 minute) as a quite one for my sponsorship from ELIANTO.

more to come =)

thanks for watching ! hehe 

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