beard papa & mickey mouse event

visited MID VALLEY megamall last week like finally 0.0
had been craving to visit nid valley for few weeks to buy some new stuff
in spite of my time constraint, i can just step out from my house when holiday :(

back to the topic.
since i got the RM200 book voucher from government,YESH! must spend them !

brought my new baby daisy :)
i spent a lot of time to buy this from oversea thou..$.$

super crowded on the day ..
IT fair, mickey mouse event, mega sale
so yea...super duper hyper crowded until the parking board showed all FULLY PARKED

combination of angel and devil ~

pearl and crystal ..

favourite studded ! ! so cool! the metallic is awesome ~

another fav. lace !

look at the detail.
chio yea?!

mickeys along the walk

monster mickey ><

buuu talala..

went BEARD PAPA for some creamy pufff!


we ordered original flavour ^^
my classic puff and sis ...unknown puff..okie..i forgot the name ><

crispy ^^ love !
and the whipped cream is so delicious ! ~
not really sweet but feeling fresh .yummmy !

it is totally FULLED filling with whipped cream!
totally felt in love with the taste of whipped cream...~0~#craving
combination of crispy and creamy bites that melt in mouth is fantastic !

ignore the dump expression /.\

visited skinfood and found a cute stuff

it is a glitter top coat i think :)
dont you think the color is fantastic?
the pastel color blue and pink is so cute !

acce. of the day.
the love shape lock can only be open by its key :)

outfit of the day .
no idea for the stupid posing -.-

I ♥ MOM top ----no name
chiffon imbalance cutting skirt ---zara
sneaker -----converse x commes de garcon
birkin fake print bag---the mines

gone wold lol lol

phailed scorpion ><
didnt warm up before i did this ..leg was hurt a lil bit after this
stupid person here

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