Lost of spirit

Had a long time being quit from blog...
Always think about blog but nvr update...

It just like ..lost a part of memory when looking foward the past time.

february,march, and now April.

march I get my spm result.
6as 4b+
kinda dissappointed.

but I deserve it since I don't really work hard in this stupid spm but yea...
disappointed for additional math and bookkeping .

thinking about appeal when I was having my standard exam on next day after took spm result.

life is busy.always

but it turn like lost of spirit now.
don't feel like wanna do anything when free...
just hope like I was a tree.
Not a human being,

no future, no trash of complicating question in mind.
Even in my work...

felt lost about all of my thing.
I lost my art skill, I lost my creativity, I lost my ability, I lose my mind, I lose of control.

it is too tired for human being
emo everyday?

btw, while I was dilemma into the dump of problems,
I did well in my standard exam accidentally.
No reason.

Visit nuffnang page today and submit some request for some premier screening.
do really hope I could step out from home...
I am too sick now

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