2012 . life oh life .

2011 gone !

sweetie 17' gone. gonna be 18' this year
(although i still always get asked 'are u gonna seating for PMR ?')

a lot of friend leave, they dont want to continue S.M.3
s.m.3 just for UEC.

but i did.
i stay at CHKL .for UEC.
idk if i will continue my education oversea or what BUT
one more cert make more chance.

i dont really feel that i am ready to face this world .
this ...complicated world .
ppl cheating, ppl blaming.

i dont think that my current work will really be my main work.
i still need a proper job first.

I LOVE MY current work so much!
but ...
it make people so tired.

always feel like wanna give up since it is too hard.
takes too long time .
sometimes i work until feel like wanna vomit.headache.dizzy.
*it cause me cant dance as well . i cant balance my body ...too tired till cant balance.
and so much more..

so i plan to stop all the work on march
or maybe will just reduce the orders.

only limited 3 units a month?

gosh...just let it be .

life is still going on.=~=

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