mcd breakfast ^^ 
pan cake and  scramble egg is love~
i like MCD..although papa not allow us :(
sob sob 

9 more days to go .
i read nothing == 

keeping online is my fault..
and keeping buy is my seriously fault.

i love these...
awesome eye make up.
and so do i love the pretty face :)

autumn falling...
rinka's 2011 autumn style .

singapore blogger style ..
aww~this is cool.

9 more days to go .
gonna k some more modal essay and contoh karangan....bla bla bla..

recent work: 
capture by customer. 
it looks GREAT! 

i should get myself an iphone4..
feel like wanna use this casing too:(

but ip5 is gonna lauch soon..
how how?

dilema .

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